*Over 1000 recycling containers and recycling bins to choose from.
*Find a recycle container or recycling bin for your every need.
*A Blue Rubbermaid recycling container w/White recycle bin symbol (Mobious) reminds everyone to do the right thing.

* The recycling bins in your lobby speak to your Good Green Corporate and Organizational Citizenship.
* Recycling Containers allow your employees/family members to feel good about being part of the solution.
* We believe people really want to do the right thing and Recycle containers help them remember.
* For our Government buyers we are CCR certified for all of your recycle bin and recycle container needs.
* PO's accepted from Schools and Municipalities.
* Lead industry manufacturers such as Rubbermaid, Ecolad just to name a few.

$3.95 $3.25
Letter size tray. Use on top of or under desk to conveniently recycle at the source.
$7.95 $6.55
Features a 200 lb. burst strength, single wall corrugated cardboard construction with a snap-lock bottom.
WOODYWITHDOOR.GIF Woodie with Side Opening-Lockable Door
"This outdoor recycling container by Woodie has wood-like appearance. Made from tough recycled plastic lumber, this recycle bin is exceptionally tough and weather-proof."
Woodie Max
$636.00 $582.00
Woodie Max is durable and weather-proof recycling bin is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic lumber.
batteryrecycler4.jpg Battery Recycler
$44.00 $37.00
Buy this Battery Recycler to sort and recycle your batteries in an environmentally safe and legal manner!
MINIWASTE.GIF Mini Waste Hanging Wastebasket
Check out this Mini Waste Hanging Wastebasket shown hanging on a 28 quart wastebasket (sold separately). It comes with a capacity of 7 quarts and is perfect for disposing waste materials either in office or home.

Success in your recycling program starts with visibility. From the curbside recycling bin to the MSD95 rollout cart in your office, it is a matter of remembering what to do with those recyclables at the critical time. The deskside recycle bin is just as important as the can crusher on your kitchen counter at home. The battery recycler and the print cartridge toner recycling bins at your office do a tremendous job of keeping our groundwater safe. Recycling decals can transform your present trash containers into Recycling containers. The fact that you have come to our recycle bin site says volumes about your commitment to making things better for our future. We at Recycling Supply thank you for visiting and we hope we can provide the appropriate Recycling Containers, can crushers, recycle decals, secured document containers or whatever your needs are. We stand ready to help.

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