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About Us

Being in business for over twenty one years, we are able to bring a broad view and diverse set of experiences to inform a better mix of products and services for you. Our shared core values are energy, enthusiasm and optimism. Each and all of these values is consistent with this forward looking industry that helps all of us create and act on a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

Backed by our and openness to new tools and products our company will be in constant forward motion. The advantages to you are that we will be on the constant journey to add to the already long list of familiar, durable and convenient recycling supplies.

We welcome any and all customer as well as visitor input. To this end please feel free to write, email or call us at the information displayed below:

12215 Kirkham Rd. Suite 200, Poway, CA

Phone: 1 (858) 391-1029

Email: info@recyclingsupply.com